About us

Our company was born in 1984, but the family experience and know-how in leather goods comes from four generations. The story of Douroukas Markos Leathergoods begins in 19th Century Kesani. Beginning as a shoemaker, George Douroukas, after many hardships and being a refugee, transferred his knowledge to Drama of Macedonia. From there his son, Konstantinos Douroukas, continued with a shop in Doxato, Drama, where his son, Markos Douroukas, moving to Athens began his effort in the field in 1983. From there until today, having developed his techniques and his craftsmanship in today's modern models of the era, we come to take on: Venetia and George Douroukas. A project that is difficult in our times but which we hope to put our experience and knowledge on leather and build from it, we will be able to deliver to your hands products of great quality with the best materials and the best possible craftsmanship, offering style in your look but also quality with time. With our long-standing experience, creative mood, and constant market research, we come to give you the highest level of quality and style.